Custom Staircase Company with Limitless Options

We’ve installed and maintained hardwood stairs for over 16 years and accrued thousands of satisfied residential and commercial clients throughout Chicago and all surrounding suburbs. Our team can be trusted to apply their wood flooring skills and expertise to the installation and customization of beautiful and durable hardwood for your stairs, no matter its shape or design. Every hardwood stair installation and refinishing project features expert craftsmanship, quality materials, extensive warranties, and highly competitive rates.

Handmade Staircases

You as the customer can design your dream staircase or let us design it for you. We believe that every stair is individual and since a stair is often the first feature that is seen when entering a home, it should reflect the character of the people who live there.

We can manufacture a complete range of timber staircases based on your individual requirements, including traditional, contemporary, cut string, winder; open-risers, bespoke staircases, plus much more.

No matter if your staircases is just a simple design to get you from one level or another or your dream stair we can build.

To Your Specifications

When it comes to hardwood stair installation, we can custom cut, stain, and finish wood to accommodate every type of staircase, including spiral staircases, curved staircases, box stairs, open stairways, and stairs with railing on only one side.

To create a coordinated look, we not only install wood on stair treads and risers, but also on spindles, handrails, banisters, moldings, and baseboards. Our hardwood stair treads are typically made from unfinished bullnose wood that is 1″ thick by 12″ wide, and precision cut to fit each tread length.


Some “Wood” Choices

We think it is important to get the right color mix in our traditional North American wood species. So we try and create a stair tread consistent with the flooring that you are trying to match… color variable with all the shades of wood naturally found in the species of choice, or color consistent where that is the more appropriate appearance, in which case we hand select the wood before glue-up.
• Alder Wood Stair Treads
• Birch Stair Treads
• Brazilian Cherry & American Black Cherry Stair Treads
• Mahogany Steps
• Maple Stair Treads
• Red Oak Stair Treads
Hardwood Steps can be made in almost any wood species, size and shape, so that it not only fits your existing stairs but looks beautiful with your new or existing hardwood flooring.

Team of Talented Craftsmen

We have proudly built a team of innovative experts, and our employees possess an average of 10 years of experience in the industry. With extensive talent and skill, we consistently deliver top quality products, professionalism, and outstanding service.
From inspiration to installation, our team works closely with architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to bring a staircase vision to life. Whether a client is seeking inspiration or has a specific style in mind, our award-winning design team will create a staircase that fits the aesthetic and functional needs of each project.
Once a concept is born, our talented craftsmen embrace the challenge of constructing unique staircases of all styles and with various materials. Experts in building code, our team will ensure that your staircase is not only aesthetically pleasing, but code compliant as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a full-service, licensed hardwood floor contractor with over 16 years of experience, Everlast Flooring is fully qualified to meet all of your hardwood stair needs in Chicago and all surrounding suburbs.

Our hardwood stair recoating services can usually be completed in a day and new hardwood stair installation takes approximately three to five days.

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